Nils Gunnar Billinger becomes an advisor to ACR

"ACR looks forward to work with Nils Gunnar Billinger," says CEO Wilhelm Wohlfahrt.

"Nils Gunnar has always had a clear view – markets are the best for competition. Together we will develop opportunities for increased competition in air navigation services. The timing with Nils Gunnar as one in our team is amazingly good as ACR now sees Europe as a market," says Wohlfahrt.

-Being a advisor for ACR suits me very well. I'm doing it because I think it's interesting and because ACR stands for healthy thinking, says Nils Gunnar Billinger. I am convinced that the entire airline industry is doing well with competition, Billinger says.

-Sweden and UK are in the process of modernizing the ATM industry in Europe. I am also convinced that other countries in Europe will follow and gradually open the market for competition. In comparison with the telecommunications industry, the aviation market is conservative. It takes time to change the structure. Partly, it relates to high safety requirements. You should not go too fast. But step by step can and should the ANS market be opened for competition. It will be beneficial for both airlines and ticket consumers. And in this work, ACR has a given role as a driver in both Sweden and internationally, says Billinger.

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Nils Gunnar Billinger has a background as State Secretary at the Ministry of Defense and in the State Council, Director General of PTS (The Post and Telecom Agency) and the Civil Aviation Authority, chairman of ten government investigations.

Over the past ten years, Nils Gunnar Billinger has been active in the aviation sector as Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Luftfartsverket (LFV), President of Eurocontrol and EU Commission Advisor in the Performance Review Body.

Nils Gunnar Billinger has a honorary doctorate in economics at Örebro University and is since 2002 member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Lars Rodvaldr