ACR has been nominated a Gazelle 2017 company by the Swedish business daily Dagens Industri (Di)

Surprising and very honourable.  ACR would like to thank all employees.  Without them it would not be possible.

Since the de-regulation of the TANS market in Sweden back in 2010, ACR have contributed to a shift in focus in Sweden and internationally.  The Competition have developed the level of services, maintained and enhanced the safety work.  It has brought Provider and customers, the airports closer and created cooperation rather than not receive the service they are entitled to under the monopoly conditions.

Monopoly ANSP is forced to adapt and change their behaviour.  Since ACR entered the Swedish market for TANS, costs have been reduced by average 30-35%.  Huge savings for the small and medium sized airports, where ANS costs represents up to 50% of the Airports total costs.

ANS is together with nuclear power the most regulated industries in the world and the introduction of competition for TANS in Sweden, ACR have proved that competition is the way to reduce the ever-increasing costs in the industry with maintained safety.

Competition and transparency are well sought after in many member states.  ACR have received increased attention from Europe’s Branch Organisations to take part in liberalisation discussions, currently going on in Europe.  Discussions tend towards the conclusion that competition is the main tool to bring down costs for the TANS market.

ACR wish to thank all colleagues, share holders, customers and partners, DI and all the sponsors to Gazelle 2017.

Lars Rodvaldr