ACR has become a member of the ATM Policy Institute

The ATM Policy Institute has been created to lead the debate on how to improve the efficiency and performance of air traffic management (ATM) through market liberalisation. ATM Policy Institute provide research on ATM policy issues, and communicate the benefits of enabling air navigation service providers to compete with each other for the provision of ATM services.

Liberalisation will not happen without support from the aviation industry, governments and regulators. 

The objective of ATM Policy Institute is therefore to illustrate the benefits of liberalising ATM to these different groups, and to drive the debate in this area. ATM Policy act as a means for like-minded members of the aviation industry to collectively pursue the goal of liberalisation and, through their workshops, to share ideas and research.

"The ATM Policy Institute is delighted to welcome its newest member, ACR. Aviation Capacity Resources (ACR) is a fully privately owned, SES-certified ANSP that provides air navigation services to 15 Airports in Sweden. ACR joins our existing members: ANS CR, CANSO, the IAA, LVNL, NATS and Naviair. More information on our members as well as the work of the Institute can be found on our website, says ATM Policy Institute."

ATM Policy Institute

Wilhelm Wohlfahrt