7th European Aviation Conference in Dublin, November 13–14

ACR will this year be on of the key speaker under the topic "Implications of Liberalisation for ATC; Role of Technology in Future ATC?"

Summary of ACR view on a competitive ATM market:

  • Deregulation and competition does not tackle externalities such as capacity issues or the fragmented institutional framework but focuses primarily on cost savings achieved through competition
  • Competition within ATM not in contrast to but complementing element to Performance regulations: Another tool in the toolbox
  • Liberalisation of (T)ANS yielding benefits to the European airport industry
  • Application of new technology to reduce costs not excluding liberalisation but has the potential of further reducing costs
  • Organisational inefficiencies are eliminated and support cost reduction will allow for a competitive an innovative provider market
  • Low risk for national markets opening for competition as SES regulatory framework assures full and unconditional compliance with the regulatory framework
  • Examples of TANS competition provide with strong case for opening of market?
  • EC regulatory framework must assure a level playing field for competition

Guiding principles for a competitive market shall be applied by all member states and include rules for (not limited to):

  • Ownership of airport infrastructure blurring cost allocation calculation
  • Pricing of IPR elements such as Operating Manuals and Procedures
  • Pricing rules regarding ‚public service‘ data: radar data, AIM services
  • Strict rules ensuring smooth transition from incumbent to new provider to ensure safe operations
  • Guidelines regarding pension plan roll-over for ATCO staff
  • Guidelines for knowledge transfer assurance from incumbent to new provider
Lars Rodvaldr